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lunes, 6 de septiembre de 2010

I'm by your side

You only have standing there watching me as I am slowly?
But this well because for you this nice to see how it hurts.
Just you stay there standing watching me as I cry for your absence?
But that's OK because it is well for you in the way you lie to me.
I love high, drunk with a hatred that comes over me.
I flushed, and just when I'm about to drown, you come and wake me up.
Never again fall so low, I guess I do not know my own strength.
Have you ever loved someone so much that neither Podes breathe well when his presence?
That happens to me, if you are not.
Jure than ever I would leave. I would never do something against.
Now only poison and spit blood every time I'm talking to.
At this time the anger controls us. And tell me on my path and you for yours.
But what is that what happened yesterday, this is now.
The past is over is a different day.
Now we have said and done things that we did not want to do or say.
But if we follow him back to fall in the same way. With the same routine.
You're just like me.When it comes to love, we are equally blind.
Now I ask you to go back to screaming.
our relationship was not as crazy as it seemed to be.
All I know is that I LOVE YOU and I can not keep you away.
Back inside my heart, my life.
Did not you hear my voice speaks to you with any need for?
I know this is my fault, look me in the eyes
Is that there will be a next time. I'm tired of the games I just want you back.

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